Our family adopted the Paleo diet and lifestyle in 2010 after our younger daughter Charlotte had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.  We believe that Charlotte’s milk allergy and gut irritation was a result of an underdeveloped gut which led to issues with her immune system, nervous system, and ultimately caused her Autism.

The Paleo diet has rejuvenated her bodily systems with healthy nutrients that healed her stomach and improved her SPD & Autism symptoms. We have been in a constant battle for additional services for her, due to her tremendous improvement and movement along the Autism Spectrum.

The Paleo lifestyle of diet, exercise, limiting stress and getting adequate sleep has helped my husband and I deal with the stress that has accompanied our daughter’s issues. In addition, the Paleo diet has helped me fight Adrenal Fatigue and many hormone related issues that came about due to a depleted system afeter giving birth.

You will find that our blog and story is unique in the sense that we don’t follow the typical rules of social media. We use this space to reflect on our experiences in posts that are designed to help others understand how we use the Paleo lifestyle to enhance the quality of our lives. If you haven’t heard from us in several weeks or months, we are still here. We are just busying raising our kids, cooking, exercising, getting outdoors, and getting good sleep.

Dana’s three words to describe her family were the source of inspiration for this blog.

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  1. Hey! I am doing the same thing with my son, who has SPD as well. We are going to a biomedical doctor to get his gut healed, and have been seeing great results. I have been working on a blog, but it is just on my computer and not public yet. So nice to see other SPD families taking this path.

  2. We have seen very positive results with my son that is (or was?) borderline asperger’s w/sensory issues after starting Paleo. He had significant challenges for many years. Occupational therapy, speech therapy (which for him is really about social skills/theory of mind), and some other interventions helped a lot but we really noticed that many of the aspergers and sensory issue symptoms were greatly reduced and even gone after starting Paleo. Funny thing is that I first had my high school son on it for wrestling and while I was listening to a Robb Wolf podcast, my younger son asked, “shouldn’t I be doing this too?” Also interesting is we tried gfcf years ago with some results but nothing close to what we are seeing on Paleo. He is not even 100%. He is 13 so I tread lightly. I keep his meals at home Paleo plus some rice but don’t try to influence his decisions outside our home. When I put his brother on Paleo for Athletes, one of the selling points was a once a week cheat day and we still kind of stick to that. I can’t cheat with gluten anymore without getting sick. It will be interesting to see if that happens to my kids. Regarding my wrestler, he was super strong, muscular, & focused. Much of his success came from within, but a huge part of it was his diet too. At every single meet, a parent would approach me and ask what the heck I fed him. He was ripped! He ended up being the regional champ too! Thanks for sharing your story!

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