Paleo Community

When Chad and I first began our Paleo journey, we felt confident that we could navigate the cooking and meal planning ourselves. Chad has an amazing talent for flavors and combining ingredients to make food taste delicious. Most of our dinner guests are astounded and confused to why we are not making money running a restaurant.

I left the cooking portion of the Paleo transition up to him. I did the research on why this was good for us. While I knew the ins and outs of Leaky Gut and gluten intolerance, he was on his own to make magic in the kitchen. After about 6 months, this stopped working. He has a full-time job that requires him to be at work into the dinner preparation hour at times. We were eating out more, buying more processed foods, and falling off the Paleo wagon. Let me insert here that I was inept in the kitchen. Scrambling eggs was a challenge for me.

But then, a crazy thing happened: I stepped into the kitchen and began to prepare food. While I was terrified and apprehensive with not knowing what I was doing, I was more terrified at losing the momentum that we had built, particularly with Charlotte’s progress.

I started following Sarah’s blog and cooking her recipes. I bought her cookbook and planned our meals around it. I began to follow other Paleo Food websites. I continued my reading and research, and I reached out to the Paleo Community to ask questions and looked for support so I could continue to guide my family.

All I can say is that I am so inspired and supported by this community, that I felt a need to reach out and share my experiences. Unlike modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies, these knowledgeable individuals have transformed their lives for the better and have your best interest and well-being at heart:

For research, science, and more on ancestral health…

Loren Cordain

Mark Sisson

Robb Wolf

Chris Kesser

For delicious recipes and amazing Paleo food…

Sarah Fragoso

Nom Nom Paleo

Bill Staley and Hayley Mason

Juli Bauer

Eat Live Grow Paleo has one of our favorite recipes for homemade pizza crust.

Paleo Parenting and Recipes…

Matt & Stacy

Sarah Ballantyne

My favorite Paleo Nutritionists….

Liz Wolfe 

Diane Sanfilippo

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